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Music Videos

Welcome to my Music Video section! I've been making a ton of music videos and now I finally get to put them up for you guys to enjoy! I'll put one up every month for you guys to check out. If you want to save one, right click and click "save target as...". Don't claim these as your own because I spent a lot of time on them and I have my name on them too!

Now I take Requests for next months music video so vote below on which music video you would like to see next month:

Which music video do you want to see next month?
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This Month: June

Title: I'll be there for you Performed by the Rembrandts I like this one, it came out pretty nicely. This is the music video where I suddednly discovered I didn't need transitions for every time the clip changes. So halfway, I didn't use as many transitions.
This music video contains a section when it's all about Kagome and her arrows. I don't know why I put that there but I like it. I hope you like the music video too!