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Inuyasha Oscars

It's Oscars night at Inu*chan no Yume! Actually, this will be happening every month so please vote!


You will click on the following nominees' link below to see a small clip (as at any oscar) and after you have seen all of them, you'll vote on your favorite nominee.
The clips are in Japanese but don't worry, every clip has English subtitles.
That's all you have to do. It isn't necessary to save or download, just click on the link under the nominee's name and watch. Please after you're done, go below and vote for your favorite clip.
Simple, isn't it?

Best Kouga moment - Nominees

Kouga kicking the monster
Click Here
Inuyasha and Kouga starting to fight
Click Here
Kouga's "hn!"
Click Here
Kouga talking about Sesshoumaru to Ginta and Hakkaku
Click Here

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