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Music Videos

Yay! A music video section!
I've been making quite a lot of music videos and now I have a place to host them. I'll be putting up InuYasha music videos every month in rotation. That way, you have a months time to catch it.
If you have any requests or ideas, please email me and I'll see what I can do.

This month, in celebration of Anime Diversity month, I'll be changing it every week to a new music video of another anime.
Sadly, I've run out of space even without the Oscars so now I have to host somewhere else. the problem is, you have to have an account there to download it. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. This might be fixed if I get hosted so just cross your fingers and hope I do!

July MV #4

Furuban Craziness
Song: All my Best Friends are Metal Heads
Performed by Less Than Jake
Anime: Fruits Basket
I wanted to show the funny, crazy sides to Fruits Basket so I made this music video.

I used the same song I used for my InuYasha MV "All my Best Friends are Metal Heads" by Less Than Jake because I felt it suit it and that MV also had the same idea. I might do a remake if I ever find a better song for it...